Top tips for a summer of wild swimming


Wild Swim blog postLast weekend I was on BBC Radio Berkshire being interviewed about wild swimming. I talked on the joys of swimming in the great outdoors, with the sun on your face and wildlife all around. I also talked about swimming safely, as it’s a sad fact that every year unprepared people get in to trouble in the waterways and seas around Britain. However with a little preperation you can enjoy a summer of sunny swims and here are my top tips;

  1. Swim sober – Never, EVER! Drink before swimming (and that’s the same for a swimming pool as much as open water!).
  2. Go with an experienced swimmer – Find a friend who is a strong swimmer or join a wild swimming group.
  3. Be prepared for a bracing (cold!) swim- And never under estimate how cold water will drain your energy.
  4. Get to know the water – is there a current? Are there other river users such as rowers? And scope out your exit point from the water before swimming.
  5. Get some kit – I swear by a red silicone swimming cap. Not only does it keep me warm but is also means I can be seen more easily by other river users.
  6. Join the outdoor swimming society – The best place for wild swimming advice and a forum to find swimming friends.

Most of all enjoying breaking free from sanitised sports and chlorinated swimming pools, to enjoy a fun swim in the sun.

Wild Swim blog post OSS

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