5 reasons to be cheerful


Egg cup 1The last few months have been tough for me, rather like an oat groat “I’ve been through the mill”. Just like a dusty Porridge grain I’ve needed a little tlc, a bit of rest and recuperation to get me back on track to full health, full Porridge Lady fitness. Over the weeks I’ve come to appreciate some simple things in life and some super people. Of everything that is getting me through this tough patch, there are 5 things that have really helped;

1. Eggs – One of the few good things about needing time out to deal with ill health is having time for breakfast. Now obviously I’m Porridge Lady by nature as well as name but the pressures of work had meant that breakfast had become a quick bowl of oats before dashing out the door. No longer dashing has meant time to add an egg to by breakfast repertoire. Delicious and nutritious the egg has added much needed protein to my diet which is helping me to mend. Add a few dipping soldiers of toast and I am instantly, and nostalgically, transported back to childhood breakfasts.

Egg cup 3

2. Honey – Back in 2016 I undertook training to become a bee-keeper with high hopes of establishing my own hives. Business travel soon put pay to that but over the last few weeks I’ve managed to play catch up on bee news thanks to the blog of the Oxfordshire Natural Beekeeping Group. The group have also recently joined twitter, follow them if you too want all the buzz on bees (sorry couldn’t help myself).

Alongside learning I’ve also had time for tasting. Thanks to an intrepid London commuting  friend I’ve been kept in good supply of Fortnum & Mason’s finest honey. This year Fortnum is on fine form with a super selection of British honeys. I’ve enjoyed tasting my way around the country and so far the Yorkshire Field Bean Honey is my favourite, very distinctive and very different from any honey I’ve had in the past.

Sadly due to illness I was also unable to join in with the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations. However a gifted jar of ‘Queen Bee’ honey from royal hives put a smile on my face.

Queen honey_

Queen honey sml (2)3. NHS – One of the institutions that makes Britain Great is the NHS. Free at the point of access and available to all, the NHS is staffed by hard working professionals. I’ve heard Jeremy Hunt’s opinion and read a lot of press speculation, however this holy grail of egalitarian British society has patched me up and held me together, for which I will be forever grateful.

I love NHS

4. RHS Chelsea Flower Show – Just a few months ago I didn’t even know if I would be able to walk the show grounds of the annual Chelsea Flower Show. From wheelchair to walking stick to just a slight limp, I’m now raring to go thanks to the Physiotherapists of the NHS. It’s hard to understate just how happy I am to be getting to Chelsea this year. For me the flower show is the start of the summer season, a time to dust down my floral frocks and get ready for a summer of flowers, gardens and general joy in the sun. I’m already obsessed with the 2016 show, so expect to see lots of photos and tweets from me at #RHSChelsea . 

OutsideInsidegarden1smlTelegraph Garden_1sml5. Social Media – The wonderful world of the web gets a bad press; trolls, hate speak and the horrible side of human nature. However it has a positive side too; compassion, empathy and friendship, all of which I have experienced from lovely people on Twitter and Facebook. I’ve had really uplifting messages people sharing their physiotherapy recovering stories and sharing super cat photos, which always cheers me up. On days when I wasn’t able to go out, social media has brought the world to me and I say a big thank you! To you lovely people 🙂 

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3 Responses to 5 reasons to be cheerful

  1. Kat says:

    Even though you’ve gone though the ringer, it’s good to see you find the joy in life the simple things.
    Onwards & upwards

  2. Zizibon says:

    Such cute egg cup. I don’t like eating eggs but maybe I would if served like this.

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