Has ‘Posh Porridge’ peaked?


Bol PorridgeThis year I’ve been blogging on the trend that is ‘Posh Porridge’. Now I love oaty innovation but even I’m beginning to ask if the best breakfast; a bowl of Porridge, has moved too far from it’s healthy and humble origins to just another food fad.

Another restaurant, another menu of ‘Posh Porridge’ popped into my e-mail inbox this week via the lifestyle magazine Wallpaper*. Although opening back in 2015, the Bol Porridge Bar has been gaining oaty notoriety mostly because it’s French. Now this might not seem odd; French + fine food is not normally headline grabbing stuff but Parisians and Porridge is. I was once told by a French Chef that Porridge would never take off in France because the French “Like a breakfast that is crunchy”. Granola has seen sales steadily rise in France during the last five years whilst Porridge was rarely seen in supermarkets let alone on cafe menus.

Along comes Bol Porridge with their menu of oats with; exotic fruits, salted-butter caramel sauce and even catching the 2015 trend for savoury Porridge with their offering of smoked haddock, leeks and spinach. This does sound delicious but with Porridge costing up to 9 Euros I’m left asking the question;

Have we reached peak ‘Posh Porridge’ yet?

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