Dessert Porridge the new food trend?


Porridge Pudding

I love a new food trend and it’s even better when it contains oats 🙂 so I was really excited to read on Vogue on-line about the new trend for ‘Dessert Porridge’. The new craze hails from Denmark where restaurants such as Stedsans ØsterGro, Copenhagen’s hot new roof top eating spot, have been serving the classic rødgrød med fløde (red porridge with cream).

I was also excited to read about the dessert Porridge because Red Porridge is one of my favourite late summer recipes that I like to make with redcurrants, strawberries or even raspberries. The choice of fruit doesn’t really matter, just pick your favourite, season well and serve generously with cream.

Which ever fruit you choose I hope you tuck into Porridge for your pudding soon.

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  1. Zizibon says:

    Loveleeee with cream, such a sweet picture 🙂

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