Zoats to Proats to pudding; The 3 big oat food trends of the summer



Maybe it’s a sign that the summer hasn’t been that hot (yet) or perhaps it’s the realisation that no matter the weather, Porridge is the best breakfast 😉 As the media has been full of oat stories.

From Zoats, to Proats to Porridge for Pudding the press has been packed full of pretty summer Porridge pictures, but just what are these food trends?

Zoats 2

Like a bit of veg in your morning Porridge? No, neither do I, but the new trend for Zoats or simply put; adding courgette, zucchini, to oats has become the runaway Instagram  summer food trend according to the Metro. Zoats popularity is really down to the ‘wellness blogging‘ trend. Adding extra fibre to your breakfast means you feel full but with few calories, so ‘clean eaters‘ can pretty their Porridge and healthily snap away.

If you want to give Zoats a try for your breakfast then Look Magazine has some simple handy tips;

  • Prepare two thirds of your usual amount of porridge oats
  • Grate as much courgette as you’d like into the pan or bowl
  • Add milk of your choice – slightly less than usual, as courgettes contain a lot of liquid
  • Cook in the microwave or over the stove for around five minutes
  • Add the toppings and flavourings of your choice

Zoats 1

If Zoats don’t fill you up then Proats definitely will! Lifted straight out of the body building community Proats are oats with added protein. From adding protein powder to nut butters this new trend taps into high protein diet regimes. The added benefit for morning gym goers, according to The Upcoming magazine is that Proats help your post-workout aching muscles to recover.

If you want to get on board with this muscle-y trend then follow the @theproteinchef for lots of power packed ideas!

Proats 2

Last but by no means least, my favourite of the three trends is ‘Dessert Porridge‘. Hailing from Denmark this trend for Porridge Pudding has been championed by the Copenhagen restaurant Stedsans OsterGro who have reinvigorated the classic recipe ‘rødgrød med fløde’ (red porridge with cream).

Why do I love this trend so much? because it allows me to eat one of my favourite recipes, my take on rødgrød med fløde –  ‘Red Autumn Porridge‘ twice a day 😉

Red Porridge
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One Response to Zoats to Proats to pudding; The 3 big oat food trends of the summer

  1. John says:

    I use a proats type mix after working out. I add protein pwder to fine oats, with juice or milk, and make a protein shake. Not as good as having a steak but a bit more portable 😉

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