Key Lime Pie, an oaty recipe for a clean eating dessert


Key Lime Pie 1I love looking at recipes on social media; the gorgeous photos and the drool-worthy descriptions, but it’s been a while since I rushed to make one of them.  Then a tweet from @hedihearts popped into my stream that had me hooked!

I’m a big fan of ‘Key Lime Pie’ a truly American dish that uses the limes grown in the state of Florida. Whilst delicious, the recipe is laden with sugar, and the commercial versions filled with hydrogenated fats. Whilst it is a favourite dessert it’s one I rarely eat, that is until I caught sight of Hedi’s version that is packed with natural goodness.


Not only is Hedi’s recipe bursting with vitality, the base is packed with oats – yes you guessed it oats would have to come into the post somewhere 🙂 The base is cleverly made with; soaked dates, ground almonds, a little bit of coconut oil and a lots of oats. With a super healthy topping too, this recipe is a winner if you are following a clean eating plan.

I made up Hedi’s recipe last weekend and served it as a special Saturday night dessert. It got rave reviews from friends who had no idea how healthy it is, or how it is made without refined sugars. So if you would like to make the perfect lime pie, without compromising on your nutrition have a look at Hedi’s recipe here.

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  1. Zizi says:

    Nice sweetie

  2. Helen says:

    Nice recipe. I’m alqways looking for healthy sweets, do you read Henrettia Inman?

  3. Ross says:

    Clean eating

  4. Ross says:


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