Trolley Dolly Porridge Lady?


Trolley Porridge 1

You might think from the title of this post that I’ve taken up serving Porridge at several thousand feet! No I haven’t taken on the glamours, yet tough, job of cabin crew for an international airline, instead I’m serving ‘Trolley Porridge’ thanks to a knee brace.

Several weeks ago I underwent knee surgery in an attempt to repair an injury sustained when I was knocked off my bike. I knew it was serious but I didn’t know I would be leaving hospital bound up in a brace. Not being about to stand, or walk unassisted, has made life difficult and I am relying on crutches to get around. However cooking and crutches don’t mix and I was getting pretty frustrated, and rather hungry! Until this mobility trolley came into my life.

Trolley Porridge 3

Not glamorous but a real workhorse, this trolley allows me to prepare and then make my Porridge portable. I would really recommend one of these trolleys to anyone about to undergo similar surgery.

So if you’ve been seeing my Twitter pics and wondered what the trolley is all about, I hope this post has answered your questions 🙂 and you never know there my be a Trolley Porridge recipe soon! 😀

Trolley Porridge 2 sml

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  1. Zizibon says:

    Get well soon porridgelady

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