The Perfect Porridge Mug? Lakeland launches a new Porridge range


Porridge Mug 3

I’m a big fan of Lakeland, what’s not to love about a store dedicated to cooking, with great products and fantastic customer service. I didn’t think I could love Lakeland more until the weekly newsletter popped into my e-mail box showing off new Porridge cookware. Very excited I began to tweet and very quickly I had a response from Lakeland asking me if I would like to test the new products. YES! was my simple answer. 

From the new range Lakeland sent me; the Perfect Porridge mug, the overnight oats jar and the ‘Red Porridge to go, Klip it microwave pot‘. Without delay, next day, I tested the Porridge mug and here is what I think….

Porridge Mug sml

The design of the mug is great, both its colorful style and ergonomic shape. The instructions for making ‘Porridge that’s just right’ are clearly laid out across the mug; quantities, timings and topping ideas. What I liked best about this mug was the option to make either a big or a small portion. As I was off for a grueling physiotherapy session the day I tested, I opted for BIG Porridge. I was pleasantly surprised that even though I added what looked like a lot of milk, water and oats, the Porridge did not boil over in the microwave. BIG bonus as this is the biggest reason I avoid microwaved Porridge. 

Porridge Mug 2

It took three mins to cook the oats in the Porridge mug, rather than the recommended two, but then I was using jumbo oats. And all importantly how was the flavour? Good. For me not perfect, not as creamy as cooking oats on the hob, but for microwaved Porridge it was ‘Just Right’. 

As you know from previous posts I advocate using a Porridge mug for making the ‘Perfect Porridge’ but how did this Porridge mug match up?


  • Never! Have a Porridge explosion in the microwave again!
  • Always gets the ratios right,
  • Colorful design and nice shape,
  • Wasn’t too hot to hold,
  • It’s obvious it’s your Porridge mug so hopefully your colleagues won’t nick it to make coffee in.


  • Expensive. Yes I am a fan but Lakeland products are pricey and at £9.99 the Porridge mug is no different.
  • So…. I think you would have to use this mug a lot to get your money’s worth. 

So who is it for? I think it would make a perfect, and dare I say it…. Christmas present. It could encourage someone to keep their New Year’s resolution to have a healthy breakfast, beyond January. It would also make a good present for the Porridge fan who has everything. I was certainly happy to receive it, thank you Lakeland 🙂 

Just right_

P.S. Once summer returns I will test the overnight oats pot with maybe a few new recipes too. 

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