Porridge News 2018, a Happy Oaty New Year!


Happy New Year! I’m welcoming in 2018 with lots of Porridge news to share. From new Porridge products to new inventions, the ultimate in oaty luxury and something to encourage you to get on your bike! I’ve got it all, so whether you are detoxing or re-toxing, read on.

2017 saw lots of new brands and Porridge products enter the market. The biggest boom was in the trend for portable Porridge, in the shape of Porridge pots. However my prediction for 2018 is home cooked oats; we are going to fall back in love with our saucepans, save money and stop throwing away plastic pots. 

On my Porridge radar for 2018 is new brand Freestones who have been filling up my Twitter stream with happy motto’s and funny photos.  Freestones have created two new Porridge products; No3 a fruity mix Porridge and No4 a multigrain blend. The company were kind enough to send me a box of No4 that contains both oats and barley, a fav combo of mine, so I was happy to get my Porridge pot cooking to see in the New Year.

If you’re not ready to give up the Christmas chocolates just yet then I can warmly recommend trying Rococo’s Porridge and raspberry jam chocolates. Originally created as part of the limited edition ‘Round the UK selection box‘ and now available as individual chocolates, this harmonious blend of oats and chocolate was hands down my favourite Christmas present of 2017. 

So if you’re in the mood for a re-tox rather than a detox, tuck in! 

If you’ve had enough of Christmas, and decided its time to get on your bike, then get some motivation with a Howies Porridge t. I’ve reviewed the t-shirt before but this time its back with pink (and orange) a vengeance. 

The excellent image comes courtesy of designer Anthony Oram and has popped up in a few guises at Howies as t’s, sweatshirts, and at Christmas as a goodie bag. The design is so loved that I’ve been told by Howies that it’s their biggest selling t shirt. So join team Porridge and get peddling. 

Porridge could be going sonic in 2018 thanks to honey makers Rowse. The company are currently trialing ‘GoBrek’ a device that could cook your Porridge during the morning commute. The company have been a bit quiet on details but the press have picked up on the Porridge sonic screw driver claiming that even Goldilocks would approve of this ‘wacky gadget’ !?!

That’s all the Porridge news for now but I’ll keep you posted throughout 2018. 

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