Two new, for Porridge


At the start of 2018 my inbox was popping with promotions for new Porridge products. From January diets to tightening the purse strings, the start of a New Year always brings new products and new people to Porridge. 

I’m quiet traditional when it comes to Porridge making but I do like to experiment with toppings. When an e-mail arrived from on-line store ‘Healthy Supplies‘ I was interested to find out more about the amazing array of nuts, seeds and superfoods stocked. After chats with Tina Manahai-Mahai, MD of the Sussex based web-superstore, I thought it would be interesting to try out; tiger nuts, dried white mulberries and dried persimmon slices.

This amazing array keep me going for several days with recipes including; tiger nuts with persimmon and freshly ground nutmeg, mulberries to go! (the berries simply stirred into quick cook oats, they add a nice bit of sweetness, and popped in my travel Porridge pot for breakfast on the go) and my favourite….

Jumbo oats cooked in lots of full cream milk and vanilla, topped with mulberries and ground cacao nibs. Hearty and warming for these dreary wet winter mornings.  

Whilst I am a meat eater and a dairy drinker, I, like a growing number of people, I have been reducing the amount of animal products I consume. That’s why in Veganuary I was pleased to hear from Rebel Mylk who kindly offered some of their Mylk’s to try in my Porridge recipes. 

Rebel Mylk have a whole range of dairy free products but for my Porridge I tried the coconut take on the traditional full, semi and semi-skimmed milks/mylks.  In all honesty I wasn’t keen on the skimmed, too watery but then I don’t like skimmed milk. However the full make a delicious Porridge with my favourite recipe being….

The creaminess of the mylk works well with rich spices such as ginger and freshly ground nutmeg. 

I have tried lots of dairy alternatives for Porridge and I would definitely say that Rebel Kitchen’s whole mylk, along with Oatly original, are two of the best I’ve used, and will continue to use. One last tip, whole Rebel Kitchen Mylk makes fantastic hot chocolate!

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