Japan, GDPR and new recipes….



Sorry that blog has been very quiet for a while, I’ve been away on my travels. I took a month in Japan to marvel at the season of Sakura, the beautiful cherry blossoms, and much more that I will write about in future posts. Anyway this is just a quick post to say thank you for sticking with me.

This week I sent out an e-mail to all blog subscribers checking that you still want to receive my blog post updates vie e-mail. This was in accordance with the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). So a double thank you to everyone who has stayed on the mailing list. If at anytime you want to opt out please use the unsubscribe button on my website. 

I’ve brought back to Britain lots of new recipes and Porridge ideas that I will be writing up as recipes over the next few weeks. In the meantime if you’ve been wondering, and lots of people have been asking on Twitter, what the new topping is that I’ve been using on my oats, its called Amazake and it’s one of my new Japanese influences. Made from the fermentation of grains, Amazake is traditionally used to make a warming winter drink. However Oat Amazake makes a delicious Porridge topping and its my new favourite  ingredient. Better still its available in the UK


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  1. Nicola Tipler says:

    It looks delicious Anna and I like the sound of Amazake.I shall go in search of it!

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