Welcome in Porridge Season with a new Recipe book


The mornings are cool and damp, the wind is whistling and whipping up the falling leaves  and the nights are drawing in. It can only mean one thing – Porridge Season is here!

I’m never downhearted when Autumn arrives as to me the change in weather marks the start of Porridge Season, a time when people ditch muesli and overnight oats in favour of the best breakfast Porridge.  

If you have lost your Porridge making mojo then what better way to get back into making hot breakfasts on cold mornings then with a new recipe book. In time for the 25th anniversary of the World Porridge Making Championships the Golden Spurtle have launched a book to commorate the compeition and to share winning recipes from two and a half decades of Porridge perfection.

From sweet classic breakfasts to adventurous savoury oat dishes, the recipe book has it all – including a winning recipe from me; Oatmeal Spotted Dick,  the dish that won me the title of World Specialty Porridge Maker. 

The book is on sale now in the beautiful competition village of Carrbirdge, and available online via ebay. It will also be on sale on competition day along with handmade spurtles. Perhaps the perfect reason to attend the Golden Spurtle being held on Saturday the 6th of October 2018. 

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