Recipe part two: Steamed Shizuoka strawberry buns; a recipe for making the most of Autumn.


With the passing of the Equinox, Autumn has truly arrived. You may be mourning the end of summer, the heatwave and long days of sun but in this blog post I want to convince you of the benefits of Autumn and share the second part of my Shizuoka Strawberry Bun recipe. 

Whilst it may not be hot, Autumn is a great time to explore the outdoors and enjoy the changing colours of the season. There’s nothing quite like a hike through the fallen crisp leaves on a crisp Autumn morning. It’s also a great time to add in a bit of foraging to your walks; late season berries, apples from wild grown trees and for the knowledgeable, even a mushroom hunt. 

Being outdoors in the cool air builds up the appetite and colder days need hot sustenance. The way I sustain my Autumn outdoors is by using a Kelly Kettle*, a handy camping kettle that rapidly boils water even on the windiest days. 

Porridge Recipe

I like a good brew outdoors and as I’m currently not so mobile (still on crutches!) I get cold quickly, so I need tea fast and Kelly Kettle is my saviour. Not just tea, the kettle is great for warming foods such as strawberry buns! Yes summer is over but you can still enjoy strawberries with the recipe that I posted last week. I actually prefer the buns steamed, I like to bake a big batch eating some fresh and freezing the rest. Then I pack some up to enjoy in the great outdoors and this is how….

Autumn Steamed Shizuoka Steamed Buns 


Take buns from the batch you baked using my recipe.

Wrap them well and pop them in your backpack ready for a hike or in your picnic hamper, with a warm blanket, ready for some reading in the Autumn sun.

Pack up your stove, Kelly Kettle or any camping cooker.

Pack a strong saucepan, canteen of water and all your tea needs.

Head out the door and find your place in the Autumn sun.

Carefully set up the kettle, putting enough water in to make tea. 

Place a small amount of water in the base of the saucepan, enough to cover it, then put the buns in. 

Once the kettle is fully alight place the saucepan on top of it and steam the buns for 10 mins. The buns should be hot, steamed soft and slightly sticky. 

Carefully remove the saucepan and set aside. 

Using the boiled water from the kettle make your tea.

Once brewed serve the tea and buns hot and enjoy a taste of summer in the Autumn sunshine. 


*This post is not sponsored by Kelly Kettle. The post reflects my joy of Autumn and my thanks for the handy device. 

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