June’s top Porridge recipes


The early days of summer have been ripening the fruits around me in my home county of Berkshire. Fragrant strawberries, tart blackcurrants and early, plump, deep crimson red cherries have started to appear on the shelves of my local food co-op. Spoilt for choice I have been heaving a pile of summer fruits on creamy Porridge on these still chilly summer mornings. So far in June these have been my favourite Porridge recipes;

Recipe for Blackcurrant Porridge

Fresh & Tart Blackcurrants

Tart Blackcurrant and English Honey creamy Porridge

As June has progressed Blackcurrants have started to arrive. I’m finding the early berries are very tart but a lovely contrast to a creamy Porridge. For this recipe I like to use chopped rolled oats cooked in lots of milk. Top the Porridge with the washed Blackcurrants and then spoon a very frugal amount of English honey over the top. Not too much, just enough to take away the most bitter flavour of the Blackcurrants.

Vanilla Cherries Oatmeal Porridge

Vanilla is one of my favourite flavours and so I’m always trying to sneak it into recipes! With Cherries I only use a little bourbon vanilla, just enough to bring some ‘warmth’ without over powering the natural flavour of really good Cherries.

The night before I remove the stones from the cherries and place them in a container. I pour a very small amount of the vanilla over and leave to infuse – I’m very big on ‘infusing’ with vanilla.

In the morning I cook up creamy medium oatmeal adding a little milk which again has been infused with a very, very small amount of vanilla (I don’t leave this over night, with milk it just needs a few minutes).

Serve hot and enjoy the fruits of the season.

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