My top 5 sugar free Porridge recipes.


For the last few weeks, during Lent, I have been avoiding sugar. I’m not the biggest fan of refined sugar for many health reasons but don’t get me wrong, a little bit of what you fancy; cake, chocolate, sweets, doesn’t do you any harm. The problem with sugar is it’s all to easy to eat too much. So over the last weeks the recipes I have been posting on Twitter (@porridgelady) each morning have been completely sugar free and from those tweets here are my top 5 top recipes;

1. Fresh fruit – Fruity Porridge is the perfect way to start a countdown towards your 5-a-day. From apple puree & cinnamon to the classic banana Porridge, fruit adds a natural sweetness to Porridge with the all the added benefits of vitamins too.

2. Fruit Spreads – Sugar free fruit purees are a handy way to get a little natural sweetness

Clearspring all fruit puree

Clearspring all fruit puree

on your Porridge. I like to use Meridian Foods purees which are sweetened with apple juiceĀ  – blueberry is my fav which I like to swirl into a milky Porridge. When travelling I take a few Clearspring fruit pouches with me for a really convenient and quick fruity Porridge topping.

3. Fruit Juice – In place of milk or water how about cooking your oats in fruit juice. Apple juice Porridge is one of my fav recipes.

4. Low G.I. syrups – Are a great alternative to sugar and over the last few weeks I have

Sweet Freedom Syrup recipe

Sweet Freedom Syrup

been making lots of Porridge with the low G.I. & G.L. syrup ‘Sweet Freedom’ like my recipe for ‘Salty Nut Syrup Porridge’.

5. Natural sugar substitutes – Not all sugar substitutes are great for you but in my opinion Xylitol is a good alternative to refined sugars. Derived from the bark of the birch tree Xylitol has the same colour and consistency as sugar so it’s really easy to substitute it into recipes.

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