Eating my way through the Greedy Italians cookbook


I was really pleased to hear that there was going to be a new series of the ‘Two Greedy Italians’ as I enjoyed the first so much. I had been away when the first series was on TV, in the wilds of Scotland in fact. Perhaps an odd place to consume Italian and food you may think, not so in my book! You see the reason I love the Greedy Italians is that they not so much consume food, but they consume food culture, something that any proud nation can identify with.

Hunting for mussels

Hunting for mussels

Being by the coast at that time, it was the fresh fish dishes that really caught my eye and made my stomach rumble. I was even making fresh pasta in the small kitchen of the croft cottage when a ‘hoolie’ was blowing outside.

Back home now and I’m working my way through the new cook book ‘Two Greedy Italians

Greedy Italians Eat Italy

Greedy Italians Eat Italy

Eat Italy’ whilst I also consume the ‘Still Hungry’ TV programmes. For an Easter treat I made the egg white light ‘Torta di Nocciole’ Hazlenut cake. I love making the straight forward recipe ‘Focaccia di Formaggio’, cheese focaccia as an accompaniment to meaty pasta dishes. It is the mussel dish of ‘Fregola con Cozze’ that takes me back to Scotland though and the wonderful time I had picking fresh mussels from coastal coves.

Wherever you are you can get a little bit of Italy in your kitchen with the two Greedy Italians. If it’s still raining outside! switch on the TV and be transported to a warm Italian evening and soak in the food culture…..

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