Come Sky Ride with me in Milton Keynes!


If you’ve ever seen my endless tweets on the subject you will know that I love cycling. From my annual obsession with Le Tour de France, to my daily rides for; work, errands and exercise.

Porridge Lady collects her Xmas tree - by Bike!

Porridge Lady collects her Xmas tree - by Bike!

Cycling is fully part of my life and I’d like to see it become so accessible that it becomes part of your life too. Whether cycling to work or the shops, school or for leisure at the weekends, cycling is great exercise and great fun too. That’s I why I’m pleased to be involved with the Sky Ride events that are happening around the country.

Everyone’s Invited“as Sky Rides are perfect for families and anyone who needs a bit of inspiration to get their bike out of the shed again. Whatever your age, and whatever you ride, join in the nationwide celebration of a special year for cycling.

Next Sunday (26th of August) I will be at the Milton Keynes Sky Ride why not come and join in the fun!

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