Commissioning Porridge Lady to write your recipes

Refrigerator Porridge Recipe

Refrigerator Porridge

I know that ‘Porridge Season’ has arrived when my inbox starts filling up with e-mails from magazine editors, journalists and companies asking me if I accept commissions for writing recipes. Yes is the answer!

I’m best know for my work as Porridge Lady, cooking, writing about and eating oats! Some of my recent work has included a commission with Mornflake for a series of recipe videos;

However you might not know my real name is Anna Louise Batchelor and when not cooking Porridge I work in the world of organic food. I’ve worked with several organic companies to produce recipes so if it’s a seasonal, sustainable organic recipe you need I’m your woman too!

My recipes are written to your needs for example; from an individual recipe to showcase a product to providing a series healthy lifestyle recipes. Sustainable organic recipes are both a passion and a specialty of mine.

So whether it’s a recipe for ‘freestyle’ Porridge, a new product, or for a seasonal feast! Do get in contact.

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