Barley & oat, banana & walnut; my new multi-grain Porridge recipe


Barley & Oat Porridge 1I love oats, from making Porridge to an array of breads, cakes and biscuits, oats are a staple in my recipe repertoire. However recently I’ve become interested in making Porridge from a variety of different grains. From buckwheat to barley, adding different grains to your morning Porridge not only adds texture, flavour and a splash of colour, different grains bring different minerals and nutrients to your breakfast.

My new favourite grain to add to my morning Porridge is Barley. Very yellow and slightly thicker than the oats that I use, jumbo barley flakes add a nice bit of chew to my Porridge. Barley is also high in selenium, magnesium, Iron, fiber and is a low GI food (even lower than even oats) and has shown to reduce insulin response after eating. And all importantly barley flakes are really tasty too!

Because I am enjoying barley & oat Porridge so much I thought I would share with you my favourite breakfasts of the moment….

Barley & Oat Porridge 2Barley & Oat, Banana & Walnut Porridge


1 cup of rolled barley flakes

1/2 cup of jumbo oats

2 cups of full cream milk

1 cup of cold water

1/3 teaspoon vanilla extract

2 tablespoons of maple syrup

1 ripe banana

handful of walnuts

Serves: Two

Cooking time: 8 mins


Place the barley and oat flakes into a deep saucepan.

Add the milk and water, and stir thoroughly.

Place the saucepan over a high heat and cook for 2 mins stirring constantly.

Then reduce the heat to a simmer and add the vanilla.

Cook the oats and barley slowly, stirring regularly for 5-6 mins. The barley flakes take a little longer to cook than the oats so take your time.

Once you have a nice thick Porridge consistency, remove the pan from the heat and set aside.

In a separate pan gently warm a good glug of maple syrup, at least two generous tableĀ  spoonfuls.

Whilst the syrup is warming, pour the Porridge into two bowls, garnishing with banana slices and a good sprinkle of walnut pieces.

Finally pour the hot syrup over the Porridge and enjoy all the benefits of a multi-grain Porridge.

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