Barley, the new Porridge trend for 2015?


Barley Porridge Wall Street JournalFrom the UK to LA, Scandinavia and beyond has Barley become the new Porridge trend for 2015?

Last year I wrote about the benefits of barley as a grain and how to add it to your Porridge with my recipe for ‘Barley & Oat, Banana and Walnut Porridge’. High in selenium, magnesium, Iron, fiber and a low GI food (even lower than even oats) that has shown to reduce insulin response after eating, its not surprising that chefs are adding barley to breakfast.

From seeing so many recipes I knew that Barley Porridge had become popular but even I was surprised to see it feature in the Wall Street Journal. With such lofty endorsement I’ve decided that it must be a trend!

I made sure that I was ‘on-trend’ 😉 this morning by having a new cherry & berry version of my classic ‘Hobbit-y Porridge’ recipe;

Berry Hobbit-y Porridge

If you want to be a ‘Porridge-trendy’ too (it’s the new hipster 😉 ) here is my Hobbit-y Porridge recipe in full. 

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