Simple Porridge Recipes; Grape Porridge


Grape Porridge 1I love writing Porridge recipes from festive favs to momentous multi-grain breakfasts. However sometimes it feels like this can get all too much, normally around 6am on a Monday morning when I’m struggling to open my eyes, let alone packs and packs of ingredients! Sometimes you just want something simple for breakfast, a tried and tested Porridge recipe that tastes good but is so straight forward that you can make it with your eyes closed (handy at 6am 😉 )

With this in mind I have decided to write a blog post series called ‘Simple Porridge Recipes’. These are my personal favourite recipes, the Porridge toppings and simple ideas that I call on when I’m in a hurry to leave the house. I’ve decided to kick the series off with a recipe that I’m always been asked to share on Twitter. It’s one of my fail-safe sweet and simple recipes that is just as easy as it sounds….

Simple Porridge Recipes; Grape Porridge

Grape Porridge 2

Serves: One

Cooking & Preperation time: 5 mins


Generous handful of washed grapes (I prefer to use red grapes)

3/4 mug quick cook oats

1 cup cold water

1/2 cup semi-skimmed milk

Optional toppings: honey, cinnamon


Place the oats, water and milk into a deep bowl and stir thoroughly.

Put the bowl into a microwave and cook on full power for 2 mins.

Open the door and stir the Porridge, then cook for a further minute.

Add the grapes to the bowl and cook for a last minute.

Remove the cooked Porridge from the microwave and drizzle honey over the grapes or sprinkle with cinnamon or just leave plain and enjoy a tasty Porridge the simple way.

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