Porridge ice cream, a recipe to make at home


Coarse oatmeal_Last week I blogged about the ‘world’s first Porridge ice cream’ made by Simpsons Buckie of Moray. A lot of people sent me tweets saying how delicious the ice cream flavours of;  fruity Porridge and sticky sweet Butterscotch Porridge sound but they were disappointed to find that the Porridge ice cream is only available at Scotland’s Highland Folk Museum. Then as if by magic! I received a message from Hamlyn’s of Scotland, the premier Scottish oat milling company, telling me that they had ice cream recipes to share!

Hamlyns Ice CreamWith two recipes to choose from; Toasted Pinhead Oatmeal and Vanilla Crystal Ice Cream and Heather Honey Ice Cream you can now make Porridge ice cream wherever in the world you are! So here’s to a sunny summer 🙂

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