5 of the best Christmas presents for Porridge fans


Spurtle Package

If you’ve managed to survive the cyber sales but are still stuck on what to buy for the Porridge lover in your life, let me help you. From a present for the traditionalist Porridge maker to gifts for the Porridge newcomer, I’ve got it covered in my top five Porridge presents for 2017. 

1. The Spurtle

This is the present for the Porridge traditionalist in your life as a Spurtle will help them make the perfect bowl of time-honored oatmeal, with just a pinch of salt. A Spurtle is a traditional wooden stirrer for Porridge making, that due to its shape, stops lumps from forming in the cooking oats. You can read more about the customs and traditions of the Spurtle here but I would say that no serious Porridge maker can be without one! 

Spurtles can be found in good cookware shops and on-line stores from; high street chain John Lewis to Scottish retailer Cranachan and Crowdie. For international stores and woodturners have a look here. 

Porridge Mug 3

2. The Microwaveable Mug

This gift is for the Porridge newcomer in your life to help them perfect Porridge making. This nifty Porridge mug from the cookware store Lakeland not only looks pretty but is practical too as it is labeled up with instructions. You can read more about the mug here but safe to say this well designed mug will help oat novices stick to their New Year’s healthy breakfast eating habit well into 2018.

Travel Porridge Pot

3 Travel Porridge Pot

Still on the theme of encouraging the healthy breakfast habit, present number 3 is perfect for commuters. The travel pot comes in a couple of guises from the wide neck thermos to the plastic travel Porridge pot. Both have their benefits; the former comes with a foldable spoon, with the latter you can cook your Porridge in it and go.

I bought my vibrant pink pot a couple of years ago and I’ve never looked back. Easy to use and wash, leak proof, and most importantly it saves me money by bringing my own breakfast. 

Ridgeline Bowls5

4 A Beautiful Bowl

When there’s time, Saturday breakfast or a lazy Sunday brunch, there’s nothing quiet like serving up slow cooked creamy Porridge in a beautiful bowl. A couple of years ago I was given the gift of a beautiful handmade bowl that I love to use on Sunday morning’s, when I enjoy a big bowl of traditional Scottish coarse oatmeal. I love my present and I think the Porridge lover in your life will too.

From Emma Bridgewater to Burleigh there are some fantastic potteries in Britain. Etsy also has a great range or better still seek out a pottery local to you.  

Hamlyns oats

5. Oats

If all else fails buy oats! From a value sack of supermarket oats to special Scottish milled oatmeal there is something to suit every taste and every budget.

For the traditionalist try Hamlyn’s tins of Pinhead Oatmeal 

Try Porridge, as a bar, with Stoats new subscription service that includes exciting limited edition flavours  

 For the commuter try Speedicook oats from Whites 

For something completely different! How about sprouted oats from Rude Health to kick a New Year superfood detox off!

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